What is Monkey Modelling Paint?

Monkey Modelling Paint is a company that was established in 2014 in Guayaquil-Ecuador to supply plastic scale model builders with premium quality modelling paints.

What type of paint is Monkey Modelling Paint?

MMP is a solvent based base coat lacquer paint, pre thinned for airbrush use only. Our paints have fast dry time, no fading and excellent coverage which makes it very easy to work with.

Do I need to thin Monkey Modelling Paint?

NO. MMP are pre-thinned for Airbrush use, so you don’t need to thin our paints. They are thinned to a consistency which is perfect for Airbrushing. Anyway, if you want to thin please use only MMP.1000 SUPER THINNER 60. For our weathering line use only MMP.7000 ENAMEL THINNER. Do not use water or alcohol. Other thinner brands might not be compatible with Monkey Modelling Paint products.

Should I use a Primer for Monkey Modelling Paint?

YES absolutely! Monkey Modelling Paints are solvent based which work the best with a primer that seals the plastic and creates a surface for the paint to adhere to.

Is clear coating necessary?

YES. Monkey Modelling Paint’s dry semi-gloss and they require clear coating if your goal is to achieve a high gloss finish on your model. Our Metallic colors dry gloss, but need protection.

Monkey Modelling Paint clear coat solutions ACRYLIC/LACQUER are available on our website.

How can I clean my airbrush after using Monkey Modelling Paint?

You can clean your airbrush with regular thinner or acetone. Ultrasonic cleaners do a great job cleaning airbrush parts.

Can I order custom paints that are not listed on Monkey Modelling Paint website?

YES. Please email us: contactommp@gmail.com
We will get back to you with an answer to your request.

Do Monkey Modelling Paints have an expiration date?

NO. However thinner in the paint can evaporate over time, but you can always add more thinner to restore the paint viscosity to its original state. Make sure you always keep the paint bottle tightly closed. Put the bottle cap back on immediately when not in use. Keep your paint in a cool, dry place.

Company Policies

Monkey Modelling Paint, will be responsible for any product with manufacturing defects at no cost to our customers. As long as the damage or error is proven with photographs or other means to contactommp@gmail.com

We look forward to answering your questions and concerns to any problems that may occur regarding our brand.


Monkey Paint Modelling is a company that really cares about their presentation and products, for this reason, we have a strict method of packaging our goods that ensures optimum quality of any product purchased from us.

Customers are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs*.

We work with different shipping methods and various companies to adjust to the needs of our customers.



Both options include Tracking Number.

*The shipping cost’s varies depending on the volume and weight.

Greetings from the Monkey Modelling Paint team!!!



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